Your bodily systems are programmed by your unconscious mind when you are in- vetro and infancy. It takes a few days for you to learn to regulate your blood pressure, a few more for body temperature and even more for learning to eliminate your waste products or move your muscles. If you carefully observe a newborn you will realize they do not breathe rhythmically like adults do. They may skip a breath every now and then. Nothing is wrong. They just haven’t learned to breathe rhythmically yet. Once programmed everything usually runs pretty well until you hit a pothole in the Road of Life.

Think of this as similar to the wheels on your car. As you drive along, you hit potholes in the road. Sometimes, when you hit a pothole, you knock the wheels of your car out of alignment. First, your tires wear unevenly. Then, the brakes go prematurely. Finally, the whole car starts to shake and nuts and bolts loosen. You can replace the tires and brakes and even have the nuts and bolts tightened. But, the process will keep repeating itself until you have the wheels realigned.

When your car’s wheels are out of alignment you do not go looking for the pothole that you hit and when you find it expects the wheels to be “fixed” as a result of locating the offending pothole. Instead, you take it to a mechanic who bangs around on the wheels with a hammer and realigns them. Once they are realigned they will function normally again.

The same sort of thing happens with your body. There are many possible causes for hitting that pothole in Life that knocks the proper functioning of your digestive system out of alignment. The pothole can be mental, physical, emotional, spiritual or any combination of those. It can be a big pothole or a little one you happened to hit just right. Or, it could be the proverbial pothole that broke the camel’s back.

When it happens, your body starts to develop abnormal responses (symptoms). You can take drugs and supplements and special diets. But, these are merely Band-Aids. The dysfunction still exists until you realign (re-train) the muscles, nerves, and systems of the body to function properly again.

Just like with your car, you do not generally want to do regression to cause. Why? Because each time you do the client hits the pothole and becomes symptomatic again. You will simply be reinforcing the dysfunction and making it more ingrained and therefore, harder to eliminate.

Since the unconscious mind set up the programs to begin with, it can be used as the mechanic to re-program or re-train the digestive system to function properly again. When the re-training is complete, the symptoms go away and do not return.

This is what this hypnotic program for digestive diseases does. It asks the unconscious mind to realign or re-train the gastrointestinal system to function normally again regardless of what caused it to become dysfunctional to begin with. However, it is my belief that you must give the client symptomatic relief in the first few sessions or they will not stick around long enough to re-train the digestive system to function properly again.