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Melissa J. Roth CHt., PhD

Melissa J. Roth CHt., PhD

It explains a little bit about how hypnosis works, what we can and cannot do with it and what you will experience in a session.

Melissa Roth Hypnotherapy has a goal for our clients – that they become as comfortable, happy and healthy as possible-mentally, physically and emotionally. We help our clients achieve this through a series of hypnotic coaching sessions. We utilize a combination of hypnotherapy, NLP, energy techniques and health information and education. Just as each client is a unique human being our approach is tailored to the individual and their specific needs. Our therapies are not a substitute for conventional medicine. We are not opposed to conventional Western medicine. We simply want to make pharmaceutical agents unnecessary for most people and to enhance their benefits for those who are not being totally successful in easing their discomforts. And, we want to ease the suffering of those individuals for whom Western medicine does not have a solution.

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 75% of all pharmaceutical agents are consumed in the US. In spite of that, we are among the most unhealthy individuals in the world. To me, that calls for a new paradigm in our approach to health and healing, a new paradigm that embraces what will work best for the individual. Hypnotherapy and hypnotic coaching represent an effective and short-term approach to enhance mental, emotional and physical health.

As a result of healing herself of both debilitating Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Fibromyalgia using self-hypnosis, Melissa Roth became a clinical hypnotherapist specializing in medical applications of hypnotherapy. She first founded Alabama Hypnotherapy Center in Birmingham, Al. in 1995 and relocated to Boulder, Colorado hypnotherapy in 2011. She continues to develop techniques and protocols to relieve the suffering of people experiencing illnesses and chronic conditions for which conventional medicine has little to offer.

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