Licensed Trainers

The people listed on this page are trainers I have licensed and personally certified to teach my theories and applications. I have given them extensive training in each of the courses I have developed and books I have written. Also, they undergo continued advanced training with me. Although you may be able to find other hypnotherapy schools/trainers who are offering training in my courses, these are the ONLY trainers I have licensed. The others are not legally teaching my topics. The unlicensed trainers have not had advanced training in my classes, do not have access to the latest updates, and are not undergoing regular training with me. In other words, the training you would get with anyone other than the professionals listed here will be substandard. And, it may result in your lack of success with your clients.

Susan Fields

Susan Lee Fields Hypnotherapy
Kirkland, Washington

Kumar Venkatachalam

Houston, Texas
Houston Hypnosis Solutions

Roy Cantrell

Low Country Hypnosis
Charleston, SC
(844) 749-7667

Ajamu Ayinde

Carmel, NY